Materials have an enormous impact on the UK economy.  At the heart of almost every modern technology, including energy generation, storage and supply, transportation, electronic devices, defense and security, healthcare, and the environment, it is materials that place practical limits on efficiency, reliability and cost.

MMM is an inherently interdisciplinary ‘field’ of physicists, chemists, engineers, materials scientists, biologists, geologists, and more who use HPC to enable transformative discoveries of importance to science and industry. The predictive capability of MMM has increased significantly in recent years. MMM can provide fundamental insights into the processes and mechanisms that underlie physical phenomena and has become an indispensable element of contemporary materials research. It is no exaggeration to state that MMM is changing how new materials-based technologies are developed, acting as a guide for experimental research, helping to speed up progress and save resources. It is a rapidly expanding field and one in which the UK has consistently been world-leading.

The MMM Hub is a UK-wide Tier 2 Hub for materials and molecular modelling (MMM) that serves the entire UK MMM community, which is strongly integrated both horizontally with other Tier 2 facilities, and vertically with ARCHER and local Tier 3 facilities.